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11/08/2017   Mounting risks to EUR High Yield bonanza
19/07/2017   Correction in Bund yields does not herald sell-off
30/06/2017   ECB to still absorb 2018 sovereign bond issuance
09/06/2017   Fed policy tightening still underpriced by markets
06/06/2017   UK snap elections may fail to ease Brexit negotiations
30/05/2017   Brazil: A bumpy road ahead but reform push is not dead
26/05/2017   US trade policy: More barking than biting
23/05/2017   US: steady growth, but hopes of fiscal boost cool
12/05/2017   Italy: Political risks unlikely to abate anytime soon
05/05/2017   Macron’s election would lower political risk premium
04/04/2017   French elections: What is at stake?
31/03/2017   Brexit negotiations to start tough
24/03/2017   Greece: No deal yet, but 2015-style crisis unlikely
10/03/2017   Limited risks from Dutch election outcome
07/03/2017   Accelerated US rate hikes ahead
24/01/2017   Trump’s corporate tax plans: What is at stake?
21/12/2016   Trumponomics and the case for higher US rates
15/12/2016   BoJ to show commitment to its interest targets
18/11/2016   Italian referendum: Future governability at stake
09/11/2016   What is at stake with Trump as new US President?
04/11/2016   US election: equity market implications
24/10/2016   Earnings growth to turn back into positive territory
18/10/2016   China’s structural debt problem is still aggravating
13/10/2016   Debt issuance cannot keep up with ECB purchases
06/10/2016   Impacts of a European Financial Transaction Tax
30/09/2016   Oil Prices: A mild rebound is in the cards
16/09/2016   ECB: Action postponed towards year-end
06/09/2016   US presidential elections - What is at stake?
19/07/2016   Helicopter money: A viable policy tool?
07/07/2016   The labor market continues to support growth
06/07/2016   Legislative push to boost Italian NPL market
22/06/2016   Spanish elections: Still long negotiations to follow
10/06/2016   Brexit: The fallout on Europe
30/05/2016   ECB to give new momentum to euro area credits
17/05/2016   Greece: A pragmatic deal but only for the short term
22/04/2016   Italy: Escape velocity not achieved yet
18/04/2016   Japan’s monetary policy: Next bazooka imminent?
30/03/2016   What's next for US inflation?
17/03/2016   New ECB measures: A mixed bag for banks
08/03/2016   ECB: Further easing steps ahead
07/03/2016   Brexit - What is at stake?
22/02/2016   Credit: Searching for value after recent market woes
20/01/2016   Earnings outlook to favor EA equities
05/01/2016   German growth to stay solid
18/12/2015   How reliable are Chinese growth figures?
10/12/2015   What next after a Fed liftoff?
01/12/2015   Further bold ECB action in December
10/11/2015   The hidden burdens to public debt in Europe
26/10/2015   ECB continues to squeeze EA sovereign bond markets
23/10/2015   Further ECB easing measures
21/10/2015   Poland: Political turnaround to burden banks
15/10/2015   Insurer TAA under Solvency II
09/10/2015   Brazil: Credible political shift needed to rebuild confidence
17/09/2015   Election pain but just for Spain
14/09/2015   Low Long Term Interest Rates: Here to Stay
11/09/2015   China - Slowing growth but no hard landing
02/09/2015   EMs: Caught between the Fed and slowing China
18/08/205   Next leg up in Bund yields still some way off
22/07/2015   India: Investor pessimism overdone
16/07/2015   Grexit no more - but challenges still large
15/06/2015   Russia: Tentative signs of recovery
20/05/2015   EA public finances: Clearly better but still room for improvement
04/05/2015   UK election: Heading for a hung parliament
27/04/2015   Greece: Time is runing out
22/04/2015   Why China will not devaluate its currency
02/04/2015   India: Reform plans to support financial markets
30/03/2015   Euro area bond markets: Weak supply faces strong demand amid QE
12/03/2015   French reforms still need to gain momentum
04/02/2015   Investment opportunities amid diverging monetary policies
04/02/2015   India: High commitment to reforms
19/01/2015   Monetary conditions to diverge for years to come
08/01/2015   'Grexit': Not likely but more manageable than before
19/12/2014   Politics to trigger transitory setbacks in the euro area
21/11/2014   Still intact: The case for high-yield corporate bonds
20/10/2014   Comprehensive Assessment: A turning point for the euro area banking sector
08/10/2014   The rise of the euro-sceptic party AfD in Germany
02/10/2014   Russia: Heading towards a lost decade
26/09/2014   Reflating Europe: Germany can do more
08/09/2014   EUR/USD: More downside ahead
22/08/2014   Progress in euro area employment still low
13/08/2014   Weaker euro area growth prospects hurt financial markets
04/08/2014   Euro area inflation: low for longer
29/07/2014   El Nino: Market implications of a meteorological event
10/07/2014   How to measure government debt
07/07/2014   Peripheral bonds: Decent returns still attainable
06/06/2014   ECB firing on all but one cylinders
06/06/2014   Clean-up in the Chinese shadow banking system manageable
28/05/2014   Despite a large euro-skeptic vote, Europe able to work
26/05/2014   ECB likely to steer deposit rate into negative territory
20/05/2014   European Elections: Eurosceptics to gain (but triggering little pain)
07/05/2014   Russian Gas: There is an alternative - but not now
23/04/2014   ECB adopts conditional QE – thus providing yet another market ‘put’
17/04/2014   The case for scaling up US dollar exposure now
11/04/2014   Rise in core government bond yields: Waiting for Godot?
07/04/2014   Greece: On the route back to capital markets
18/03/2014   Ukrainian conflict: Stakes are high
11/03/2014   Equities: Despite recent rally, further up
27/02/2014   Infrastructure debt  – A strong macro case
12/02/2014   Spanish Banks - Recovery story not over yet
28/01/2014   Yellen-Fed to be tested later in 2014
24/01/2014   Emerging Markets: Shades of red
10/01/2014   Portuguese Government Bonds
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