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Press Releases
02/08/2017 Generali Investments appoints Vincent Chaigneau as new Head of Research
06/04/2017 Generali Investments announces changes in its Board of Directors, renews mandate of CEO
04/04/2017 Generali Investments SICAV SRI Ageing Population and SRI European Equity sub-funds receive the official French Label ISR
03/02/2017 Generali Investments unveils the new GIS Global Multi Asset Income
31/01/2017 The effect of rising interest rates on convertible bonds
20/01/2017 Rebecca Fischer-Bensoussan joins Generali Investments as the Head of Sales for France and Luxembourg
21/12/2016 Generali Investments’ 2016 Year Review: European High Yield Bonds
07/11/2016 Generali Investments strengthens its Italian sales team with new appointment
14/06/2016 Generali Investments among the most committed SRI asset managers in France
09/06/2016 Generali Investments streamlines operations in Germany
30/05/2016 Southern European equities: time to invest
14/04/2016 Generali Investments expertise in convertible bonds rewarded at the 2016 UCITS Hedge Awards
31/03/2016 Jörg Asmussen joins Generali Investments’ Board of Directors as an independent director
11/03/2016 Generali Investments awarded in France and Germany
08/03/2016 Generali Investments proposes two new strategies and re-engineers its SICAV

GI Socially Responsible Investments - How to adapt investments to an ageing
29/10/2015 Generali unveils two new funds
04/02/2015 European equities to rally in 2015
09/01/2015   Generali Investments Europe's Chief Economist: 'Grexit' not likely, but more manageable than three years ago
15/12/2014 Macroeconomic Outlook 2015
10/12/2014 Yezdi Chinoy appointed CEO of Generali Investments Asia
17/09/2014 Generali opens the Absolute Return Credit Strategies fund to new investments
16/07/2014 Generali Investments Europe expands its Credit Research team
11/07/2014 New company to support Generali Investments Europe's global distribution
23/05/2014 Generali Investments Europe une nouvelle fois récompensée aux Trophées du Revenu
19/05/2014 New Board of Directors at Generali Investments Europe: Francesco Benvenuti appointed Chairman
12/05/2014 Generali Investments Europe: Andrea Favaloro to head sales activities
10/03/2014 Generali Investments Europe adds Hervé Gay to its European Credit Research team
29/01/2014   Generali Investments Europe launches new equity fund with focus on Southern Europe
18/12/2013   First-rate Fixed Income manager joins Generali Investments Europe in France
05/12/2013   (Another) Year of the Fed: Generali Investments Europe Outlook 2014
15/11/2013   Generali Group recognised as Socially Responsible Investor (SRI)
08/10/2013   Generali Investments Europe strengthens investment team
08/10/2013   Generali IS European SRI Equity awarded with Novethic SRI Label 2013 
12/06/2013   Santo Borsellino new CEO of Generali Investments Europe
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