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Our Commitment to SRI

The Generali Group has paid great attention to sustainable development since 2006, applying an ethical filter to all investments. The Group is continuing its commitment based on the conviction that:

  • Taking into account and foreseeing risks is at the heart of the insurance business
  • Preventing main systemic risks is key to preserve capital and create financial value

The Commitment of Generali Investments to Social Responsible Investments (SRI) aims to produce value for the investors and for society as a whole, following a medium to long term oriented investment strategy.
We select companies through a combination of traditional financial analysis and a discliplined environment, social and governance screening methodology.

The Commitment of Generali Investments to SRI has increased over the time


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Generali Investments SRI key features


* Launched by Novethic in 2009, the Novethic SRI Label is the first European label for SRI funds managed strictly on the basis of Environmental AND Social AND Governance (ESG) criteria. Generali Group has received a special mention from the jury at the Sustainable Finance Forum for its “integrated approach to socially responsible investments (SRI)”, based on the Group Ethical Guidelines for Investments and the selection and analysis methodology developed by Generali Investments.

Source: Generali Investments Europe S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio- As at December 2016

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