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Newsletter SR-highlight
SR-highlight is Generali Investments Europe's quarterly newsletter on SRI.
14th issue - July 2017

In this issue of SR-Highlight, we focus on some of the key topics driving this trend: assessing the environmental, social and governance impact of Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) subfunds we manage.

13th issue - March 2017

This quarter’s issue of SR-highlight to focus our attention on “Thematic” and “ESG” investing. We indeed decided to combine those approaches two years ago when we launched the SRI Ageing Population, a new and innovative strategy.

12th issue - December 2016    
The SRI team is once more delighted to present this newsletter dedicated to an ESG criterion analysed in our proprietary methodology: the governance criteria.
11th issue - June 2016    

The SRI team is once more delighted to present this newsletter dedicated to an ESG criterion analysed in our proprietary methodology: the safety of products and services.

10th issue - February 2016    
The SRI team is once more delighted to present this newsletter, this time dedicated to our new SRI thematic investment strategy dealing with the long term trend of the ageing of the population.  
9th issue - July 2015    

The SRI team is delighted to present its revamped newsletter. To mark the occasion, this newsletter will be dedicated to the Group’s proactive proxy voting policy, which is designed to protect our interests and those of our clients by influencing positively the corporate governance of the companies in which we invest.

8th issue - January 2015    

This issue of our newsletter, SR-highlight, deals with the telecommunication services sector, that has a strong impact on both society and the economies within the European Union.

7th issue - October 2014    
This seventh issue of our newsletter, SR-highlight, covers the Air freight, Airlines & Logistics industry. Air transport is among the sectors that have seen their CO2 emissions increase rapidly…
6th issue - July 2014    
This sixth issue of our newsletter, SR-highlight, covers the Food & Beverages industry.
Years after the Chinese melamine-tainted milk food saga and the 2009 US peanut salmonella outbreak, consumers have faced a new series of food scandals.
5th issue - May 2014    
This fifth issue of our newsletter covers the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry, which regularly faces controversies over manufacturing safety, bribery or illegal marketing practices. With regards to Corporate Social Responsibility, this sector has its own features as it provides care solutions to suffering patients and helps improving the lives of million of individuals.  
4th issue - January 2014    
The fourth issue of our newsletter focuses on the Metals & Mining industry, a sector that is often seen as synonymous with endemic corruption, deep impacts on environment and local communities, human rights violations and appalling working conditions. Our SRI experts have carried out a thorough analysis of this highly controversial sector.  
3rd issue - October 2013    

The third issue of our newsletter SR-highlight deals with the telecom sector, an innovative sector with a high impact on society. Our team has closely analysed this competitive and diverse sector and identified 9 criteria as the most relevant which are outlined in this newsletter.

2nd issue - July 2013    
The second issue of the SR-highlight focuses on the Banking sector. Our SRI experts see Banking as an important sector, as it is at the heart of the economic and financial system as well as of the changes that are underway in the economy and in the society as a whole.  
1st issue - April 2013    
The first issue of Generali Investments Europe's new quarterly newsletter SR-highlight introduces Generali Investments Europe's proprietary SRI screening methodology and gives an inside look at our SRI team's view on the Food Retailing sector.  


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