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Legal information
The information contained on this website is only for general information on products and services provided by Generali Investments Europe.

The information contained in this website does not constitute investment advice, nor is it a part of investment advice. It does not constitute a recommendation or an offer to issue, to subscribe or to purchase units, shares or other participations ("Units") in the investments described herein neither an offer of investment services.

The sole binding basis for the acquisition of Units is the sales prospectus as amended from time to time and the key investor information and the relevant annual and half-yearly reports (if available) and/or the statutorily required documents which are made available before an investment decision.

The distribution and offer of fund units is restricted by the laws of certain countries. This document does not constitute a recommendation or an offer to persons in countries in which a corresponding offer is not permissible, nor an offer to persons to whom a corresponding offer must not be made or who must not be solicited to buy Units.
Only investors can decide if the transactions they might engage in are suitable to their own financial situation. The fiscal treatment resulting from an investment in units or shares of UCITS depends on the situation of each investor. We recommend that investors consult their usual tax advisor.

The information on this website is regularly updated. The validity of the information provided on this website is restricted to the point in time in which it was published and to our assessment at that point in time. Generali Investments Europe does not assume any liability for the correctness, accuracy, suitability, completeness or availability of this website or the information contained therein. Generali Investments Europe does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the information contained on this website for any other than its intended purpose. Generali Investments Europe reserves the right to amend or supplement the information on this website at any time without advance notice.

Changes in the economic, legal or tax conditions or other events may influence the future development of the market or individual products at any time in a manner other than as described in the information provided on this website.

Remuneration Policy

The Management Company has designed and implemented a Remuneration Policy which is consistent with and promotes sound and effective risk management by having a business model which by its nature does not promote excessive risk taking that is inconsistent with the risk profile of the Fund. The Management Company’s remuneration policy integrates governance, pay structure and risk alignment rules that are designed to be consistent with the business strategy, objectives, values and interests of the Management Company, the Fund and the unitholders in the Fund, and includes measures to avoid conflicts of interest.  For further information regarding the Remuneration Policy, please click here.
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