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Generali Investments Europe have always attached utmost importance to confidentiality, protection and safety of information, particularly personal data concerning their customers and people who get in touch with Generali Investments Europe.
This section outlines the methods used to administer this site with regard to the processing of users' personal data. Pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Personal Data Protection Code), this information is also provided to subjects interacting with the services provided over the Internet by Generali Investments Europe (Data Controller).
Information is provided for and applies to Generali Investments Europe Web sites only (www.generali-investments-europe.com). It is not applicable to any other Web site linked to the Generali site.
Surfers browsing our Web site are not required to provide any personal data. Surfers are required to provide personal data only if they want to get in contact with us or ask for advice. In such cases -totally voluntary - Surfers are required to read the Information as established by the Law and to provide only data strictly necessary to handle their requests.
In compliance with the existing privacy legislation, Generali Investments Europe have adopted a specific policy, as described below.
We are pleased to provide useful information on the methods of active and passive collection of information concerning subjects/means interacting with this Web site, as well as on the security measures taken by Generali Investments Europe.
While browsing an Internet site, collection of information without a user's explicit registration or active role is technically viable. This type of collection is referred to as "passive collection". A description is given in particular of the methods of use of IP addresses, permanent or session cookies, Internet tags, navigation information, including the possibility to opt out of them and the relevant implications.
With regard to passive collection of information, the services provided on this Web site:
  • Do not use IP address (Internet Protocol Addresses) to collect information. However, IP addresses are stored in navigation information.
  • Use navigation data as aggregate data for statistical purposes only.
  • Use Session and Permanent Cookies only to improve browsing, not for statistical purposes. It is possible to disable the use of cookies. This depends on the browser. In this case surfing may not be equally easy.
  • Do not use Internet tags.
With regard to active collection of information, the services offered on www.generali-investments-europe.com apply the following policy:
  • E-Mail: Data received by e-mails sent to the Web site are used to reply requests only. This data are stored for statistical purposes only and to check whether there are any precedents.
    Names may be included in specific Mailing List only if expressly requested by Surfers wishing to receive certain documents (press releases, financial statements, etc.) on a periodical basis.
  • Registration: To access a number of services, Surfers are required to fill in a specific form. This information is used to reply to the sender's request and to provide requested services only.
  • Forums: If the site includes forums, specific conduct rules will be set out. Data will not be used for any other purpose.
Privacy Data Processors
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